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Icebreaker Interactive is an independent Dutch/Danish game development studio.

Under development are Escalation 1985, a hard core First Person Shooter about World War 3 for PC, and Escalation Aggressors, a 2D deck building action game for mobile, TV and console.


“One of the big surprises I had when I joined the Escalation 1985 team was that they are well organized, and very well coordinated with their project.

They have excellent leadership and extremely talented people working on a very promising title.

It feels like I am working with a AAA team.”



Since Spectrum Holobyte released Falcon 3.0 in 1991 and promised and failed to deliver the digital integrated battlefield, where various simulators would cooperate, it’s been my dream to experience such a game.

Decades later, there are few great games that simulate modern armored warfare. They are either clinical and empty sandboxes like the military grade simulators or arcade Hollywood shooters - and very little in between.

The cooperation and experiences of infantry soldiers and armored vehicle crew men is largely unexplored. And the shooter type hero characters are one dimensional and frankly boring.

There has to be a better way. So, here we are two years later with a team of artists, coders and subject matter experts with experience from AAA games to actual war fighting, all pushing to create a modern and fluid battlefield experience in Escalation 1985.

My partner in crime, Käy Vriend, is top in his field of procedural materials which lends him a strong industry presence that leads us to some cool direct connections.

A veteran of the war in Iraq, Käy also brings insights into the game subject. He has great leadership skills and is one of the nicest, most humble and positive people, you’d ever meet.

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